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Faulkton, SD  57438




45.206100 / -99.337700

Price Per Acre:


Mark Schweigert: Broker/Owner


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Property Description

The Glacier Lakes Region of South Dakota has been a dream destination for waterfowl hunter's throughout the United States. This 480 acre tract brings all that to reality. The property is enrolled in the wetlands and grassland easement for the promotion of habitat for the wing shooters and whitetail hunters. There is excellent soil productivity on the 250 acres +/- that will bring income potential from grazing cattle or for hay. For more information or to set up your own personal, qualified showing contact Mark Schweigert.


  • Wetlands and grassland easement
  • 250 acres +/- for grazing and haying
  • Amazing waterfowl and whitetail deer hunting
  • Excellent soil productivity
  • Approximately 20 miles northwest of Faulkton
  • Access of 342nd Avenue
  • Rental Income potential from grazing and haying

Area Information

South Dakota Game Fish and Parks

Faulkton, South Dakota

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